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Description This is a tool implementing various complexity-metrics for event-driven process chains as descriped in the literature. It extends the plugin for Eclipse EPCTools (Version 2.0.3), a plugin to model and simulate event-driven process chains. However, the tool can also run as standalone-program in batchmode, getting the models in the EPML-format, and can easily be adopted to accept other formats. References to the literature of the metrics are given in the documentation of the tool. If you are nosy about complexity-metrics, check out the publications at the e-Business/Telematic-chair of the University of Leipzig/Germany as well as The implementation was part of my master thesis about complexity-metrics for business process models (pdf, german only).
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Description This is an implementation of an algorithm by Donald B. Johnson to find all elementary cycles in a directed graph (Donald B. Johnson: Finding All the Elementary Circuits of a Directed Graph. SIAM Journal on Computing. Volumne 4, Nr. 1 (1975), pp. 77-84). The implementation is pretty much generic, all it needs is a adjacency-matrix of your graph and the objects of your nodes. Then you get back the sets of node-objects which build a cycle.

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